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drums recorded with a droid cell phone in a room
vocals recorded with an hp netbook computer mic in a different room
all other production was done on a computer


released January 5, 2014

recording and production - d'metrius j. rice



all rights reserved


TEENAGE SOULS Baltimore, Maryland

electronic composition with drums and voice

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Track Name: speekrng rolle
instant oatmeal
life is
your wheel to reinvent
burning eye
burning trials
on the inside
lying on the floor
in a jersey
in a coma
and it's not like i didn't blow it
and it's not like i didn't know it
seal the ceiling
with me in it
i can't hide
when he visits
Track Name: fortuhne tler
an unintended visit with the heart
fruit juice
like me
if i need to hit the zs
light juice
like you
that proves
i see no mechanisms to protect
what can only be seen as your heart
full time believers in the everlasting spirit
the future was yours from the start, from the start
who out there that's trying to gesture revolution
is really prepared to come apart?
when it comes down and crawls across your front lawn
you can save and hit start
from the start
Track Name: stepths
i really wish this was the bottom
a box to put things on

a mask to wear if you wanna
don't think i'm gonna try and stop you
a mask to put on if you wanna (or not)
i would never try to stop you
it's not a miracle
you're at the edge of the day
it's no wonder then
i've known what i could barely say
love now emmanates
chasing change
i now can speak out of my own voice
despite what i say

teddy bear
raging on the floor
teddy bear

whos got a chance
a chance in hell?
Track Name: zoo nativ
im a decade off
wrong gardens
wild zoo native
i can spell it now
without a shred of hatred

grifter feathers stick together
i cut you out
if you cant fly any better
but my army of brick walls aint indebted
at all
brother sister
but ive been known to wild out
exist irreversibly upside down
walking on eggshell pronouns
pronounced we me you unglue me now out yo spit
let me be let through
suffocate on several names kate ok flames
drinking that wine like words off the family grapevine
cant get out in time
cant get outta time

the hardest song aint nothin against the softest lie

head butt, heart wings aching know your still alive
but no job to do thats worth anything to you
how will you survive
brother/ sister, thinking bout it doubt it rounds the bend
gotta stay in the cloud, you die to spend
house on how its been
its all how you look at it

but instead if you wanted me dead well here i am
we've had all sorts of contests
you can take your pick from
but the wilderness was not good enough
for a hero who split off
threw a couple heads
made his own bed
and dusted all those old skeles off
in the closet
close it
Track Name: silver srfas
sometimes we're surfin the web
to illustrate a partnership with fate
funny the way things've set
a sunset and it's bed is wet (it's fake)
how come everything is decided
morbidly coded
or split up into tokens
im glad
before it's time to pope shit have you tried the salad
feelin this way, most days
sometimes in a canyon, fast forward, play
sunshine in an abandoned handgun
in the middle of the street for play play
sometimes we're surfin the web
sometimes we're better off dead
move out of my way
with the door closed, do you even feel
my way, hey hey hey
sometimes we're surfin the web
sometimes we're better off dead
Track Name: paranatur
for you
drilling through sound
serpent bark
just to trigger the main figgas
open up a door
somewhere it's working
open up a door
anti mules i was hoping that among you
there are some coming
future fuels that contemplate your becoming
seen their horses
climbed up a candle
fuck it

trade you buncha glocs
for your only cockerspaniel
i bust thru the wetters
of the hardest stare in your grapevine
guess you gotta flip a few of your
feathers to stay fly

demon everyday wears my face
deepen everyday knows my place
and regrets, everyday i hold your hand
addicted. i don't understand

and where we met that day
its not the last line in the song you say

rip one outta me
at a pizza party, hardly
could i wait
for doomsday
conversely on the lawn
we celebrate easter or porn
the clouds unraveling
no matter how you politic it
the icicles are gonna trickle down'
when its time for them to melt
you can celebrate that in your fantasy
winter wonderland if you wanna go splat
and the seasons will change
whether you want them
to or not
Track Name: xmas
all the sky without a floor
teenage souls
tentative plans are foiled
some kind of cubist delusion
a contract for constructive confusion
dollar signs
scars are up inside
the stars are up above
Track Name: yung forevr
a bright new day
for you and me
its the same day
it'll always be
gonna be young
or never
no way
we're getting out of this
wore some big gloves
and nothing i could touch
right on top of my casket
get well soon signed by love
i throw my voice
that's just who i am
always leaving
always leaving
always leaving
always leaving
i'll be a ghost who stays
i'll be ghost